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A Cultural Treasure: Coconut Grove Art Festival 2022

Somewhere in between the lush greenery and the dauntingly beautiful Biscayne Bay lies the city’s annual treasure: the Coconut Grove Art Festival 2022. A 58 year tradition, the annual extravaganza features art hailing from more than 270 internationally known artists, along with live performances and culinary displays. Coconut Grove boasts rich historical ties, settled by Bahamians in the late 1800’s, making it a perfect grounds to celebrate art during Black History Month.

Teems of local and international festival goers explored the multitude of art forms, from fascinating 2D mixed media, to sculptures and jewelry. Standing out amongst a visual overload of art, the captivating set of eyes photographed by award winning humanitarian photographer Lisa Kristine captured emotion and beauty in purest form. “Freedom Ghana”, below, captures the story of Kofi, a young formerly enslaved survivor, who is now restored with his family.

Lisa’s work reaches the heart of the human experience, sharing the visual stories of cultures and social causes across the world. “Nature’s Daughter Ethiopia” portrays the exquisite artisitic elements created by nature alone by the Surma tribe. Using their skin as canvases, flowers, grass, mud and leaves decorate their bodies along with powdered volcanic rock or ochre drawn from river beds.

Miami artist Mary Ellen Scherl amplifies the the experience of women in military in her collection “Defending Democracy: Portraits of U.S. Military Women on Canvas and Film“. Mary Ellen’s work not only commemorates veterans it served to shed a light on the issues that can come with it such as PTSD, further highlighting their heroism.

Whimsical art was also on display, saturated in colorful playfulness. Ethereal depictions of fairy like nymphs enchanted the eye with with great realistic detail.

If the numerous platforms of art weren’t stimulating enough, the enclave of cuisine and entertainment boosted the experience for all. The Coconut Grove Art Festival shines as a monumental medium to celebrate art and culture every year, a treasure within the Magic City of Miami.

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