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A Season of Swagger: The Heat's White Hot Run

Early on in my move to Miami, I would sprint the steps of the FTX arena Rocky style, soaking in the champion energy of the Miami Heat, not knowing that I would one day be apart of the franchise on a much closer level. For the past 6 months, when the 9 to 5 work day came to an end, I would transform from "Fashionista in Finance", to "Fashionista at the Heat". Just shy of making it to the finals, the Heat delivered a season of fierce wins, providing an array of entertainment, fantasy, and fun along the way. Throughout the suites, to the courts, to the lounges, the legacy of the Heat reigns, defining the franchise as a beacon of Miami with a swagger distinctly its own.

If the Heat is the heart of Miami, the Courtside Club is the pulse, generating an energetic, exclusive beat to the game day experience. Garnering the attention of big names like Drake, Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wayde, the club's popularity escalated on another level when popular outlets like BleacherReport, ESPN, and CNN sports featured the courtside gem. As VIP Host of the venue, I generated experiences of luxury and entertainment, fostering connections with community leaders and basketball fanatics across the country alike.

While the talents of the team are ultimately what drives the crowd, the fashion, the nightlife features, and uniquely Miami energy draw people across the world to the Heat. Creative talents like Opera Singer Radmilla Loly added haute couture to the courtside aesthetic, making headlines with her custom gowns made of Heat jerseys.

As a girl who didn't (and still doesn't) know what an alley oop is, the undeniable magic of the game captured me, unleashing a side I wasn't aware was within. Whether you are a true basketball fan, or simply a fan of the fun ambiance, the Heat is undoubtedly the cultural champion of NBA, providing an escape and fantasy to those in participance. While we may not have made it all the way, the Heat's fiercely played season exuded the swagger of champions, showing the world how the 305 brings the heat, on and off the court.

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