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Adventures at Art Basel

Teems of creatives across the globe and particularly from New York and LA flock to Miami’s Art Basel held December 1st to the 4th annually.

Renown as North America’s premier art fair, the event brought over 253 galleries from across the globe in front of the world’s top curators and collectors. Digital art is a major innovation new to Basel, with NFT’s at the heart of many an event. Non-fungible tokens have provoked the way we view both currency and art, representing ownership of unique items and data.

In an ode to jazz legend Josephine Baker, OneUnited Bank, the nation’s largest Black owned bank purchased the NFT From Paris with Love by Addonis Parker.

The event, Le Chat Noire, featured compelling visual relics of culture and art bringing together creatives across the country. Nelson Mandela’s iconic life was displayed with pieces of his cell delicately decorated with glistening diamonds within the metal rungs, symbolizing his light that persevered amongst the dark.

In the spirit of innovation, expiriental exhibits have taken place of many traditional art forms like paintings. Es Devlin’s installation paid homage to the 100th anniversary of Chanel N5 in an enchanted maze, surrounded by fairy like gardens and Design District skyline views.

The work is an exploration of Chanel’s adolescence in southern France, surrounded by geometric mazes of forests that one day inspired the scent of her iconic perfume.

Art in the form of fashionable crowds is at the essence of Basel, with no limit to flamboyant and sometimes eccentric ensembles. My friends and I explored Basel and the Chanel exhibit absorbing the fashion sensory overload.

In homage to beacon of femininity Chanel, I donned a girly pink flouncy Catwalk Collection combined with classic pearl barrette and necklace combo.

Art Basel shines a light on the beauty of humanity and the commanilities in the human existence that make art. Whether in the form of nature or NFT, the importance and magnificence of art permeates boundaries.

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