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Alice in Wonderland: Superblue Miami's Visionary Art

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

Down the rabbit hole and into the magical Superblue Miami- an immersive experiential art Wonderland. Pushing art to innovative levels, Superblue's large scale installations, lights, digital visions, and mirrored maze give way to a futuristic experience.

The "Meadow" installation's bright blossoming floral lights bloomed in synchronization, eliciting the harmonious wonder of nature. Expanding silk fabric petals and a symphony of lights emphasize the choreography of the flowers descending from the ceiling, simultaneously projecting the beauty in both nature and technology.

Following "Meadow", I took a step into a digital paradise, met with a waterfall and vibrant flowers of engaging hues created by Team Lab, an international art collective. Unlike traditional art forms like paintings or sculptures, digital artwork has the power to change form, eyes dancing as cascading waterfalls transform into a floral montage.

Rooted in reflective and peaceful energy, the next room, "AKHU" a piece by James Turrell, was empty in space but filled with changing lights.

"Light is not so much something that reveals, as it is itself the revelation", said the artist of his work.

Void of any noise or photography, the space plays with the senses, making an Arctic tundra a reality as you walk amongst the clouded ambience.

I navigated through the labyrinth of mirrors, exploring the sea of endless reflections where no two angles are the same in Ed Devlin's "Forest of Us" maze masterpiece. The innovator's work has set the tone for performances of music's greatest visionaries like the Weekend and Beyonce, known for their experiential performances.

As society becomes increasingly digital, the options for art are endless with the use of cutting edge technology and digital approaches, making any vision come true. Step into a sensory overload at Superblue, expanding your concepts of what is considered art, stirring both awe and reflection within.

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