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Cinderella Couture at Dior & The Statement Sleeve

At the hallmark of the Design District, the Dior Cafe also known on social media as "Coffee with Massimo" attracts fashion lovers from all corners of the globe. Teems of fashionistas lined up around the corner, awaiting the luxurious refinement of the mecca renown for its picturesque aesthetic that draws a wide variety of international creatives, tourists, celebrities, and fashion elite. When it was my turn to ascend the pristine marble to the rooftop, I instantly sensed the Euro nostalgia of the ambience. The Dior Cafe exemplifies the elegance of teatime culture popular in cities like Paris, where chic cafes and stylish coffee drinkers reign from block to block.

I soaked up the sun and opulence on the rooftop cafe in my ASOS Design Tiffany blue statement dress and "glass" slippers, feeling every bit a modern Cinderella. A serene gem, the cafe's marble baroque statues and lush ivy set a royal tone, while the savory raspberry macaroons, decadent fruit and signature Dior monogrammed cappuccinos sweeten the palette, doubling down as Instagram worthy photo opps.

"Individuality will be always one of the conditions of real elegance."-Christian Dior

A visit to the Dior Cafe is an opportunity to showcase grandiose garb, flaunting your individual taste in the iconic Dior infused atmosphere. Many stood true to the brand, donning classic Christian Dior printed pieces while others went for teatime staples like ladylike flowing maxi's. Statement accents like my architectural origami sleeves added avant-garde flair atop the sleek sheen and backless cut of the sophisticated number, fit for an afternoon of high fashion and high tea. Statement sleeves enhance an ensemble swiftly, elevating any garment from blazer to bustier top with drama and romance. The puffy sleeve trend is here to stay, evidenced by its streak of longevity on the fashion scene as it broke out in 2018, when the 80's trend flooded the runways.

The above white exaggerated sleeve ruched Club London dress is the perfect summer statement hit, an exemplary example of the "it girl" factor that innately comes with the trend. Evoke 80's supermodel vibes as your strut is accentuated by the soft yet bold silhouette of a voluminous sleeve and textured curve hugging ruching effect.

Take drama, fashion drama that is, to the office in a ruffle detailed puff sleeve like that of the above sage green Lavish Alice blazer dress and deliver style that commands a room. Blazers with emphasized shoulders not only resurrect vintage workplace swagger, but also accentuate the hourglass silhouette in feminine fierceness.

Dainty options like the above Lavish Alice floral and the corseted yellow compliment a beautiful spring day at brunch as you sip prosecco like a princess. For an edgier appeal, rock the trend with a puff sleeved girly crop top like the below Oh Polly beauy juxtaposed by boyfriend jeans, distressed denim, or leather. The majestic embellishment of the blouse seduces the eye in scintillating splendor amidst rich fabric and color palette, reminiscent of Renaissance fashion.

Hit the town for a girls night or hot date in a plunging mini highlighted by dramatic shoulders to light up an evening soiree in sensual refinement. The below daring ASOS mini conveys confidence bigger than the puffs that ordain her shoulders, solidifying that the trend is an essential staple to any fashionable kick butt closet.

Whether you are bringing your A game at a fashion haven like the Dior Cafe, or steaming up the streets in your own city, best dressed status is only an arms length away with a statement sleeve.

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