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Dress For Success: Work Looks to Enter the New Year

If you stay ready, you don't have to get ready as they say. While the phrase is often applied to staying fit, the same can be applied to your wardrobe!

While many of us have been able to slum it working remote, in 2021, many of us will likely be heading back to the office. What better way to shake the frumpy effect of 2020 then with a bad ass wardrobe spruce! It is statistically proven that what we wear at work does indeed matter when it comes to perceptions of us by others. According to the study conducted by the Home Economics Journal, three people who were dressed attractive were rated more positively all around by their bosses compared to the three that were deemed to be dressed unattractively.

In the words of Meredith Fineman, CEO of FinePoint, a communications and leadership company, ''I view what I choose to wear as armor for situations. When I have a big meeting or a big talk, I wear what makes me feel like me, what makes me feel chic and powerful.''

Scroll down to check out some of my favorite work looks that served me stylistically from the boardroom to company events!

Combining rich textures like silk with metallic embellishments like the blazer (Bar 3-Macy's) shown above make for a rich look, made even more luxe with the addition of Versace sunnies and a large Versace Palazzo bag. The silk secretary tie dress (ASOS) can be worn alone or with a solid colored blazer for a more conservative look for any interview or meeting. The blazer is an easy standout piece that can also be rocked for a night out, with leather pants for a rock star appeal. The stylish bag can carry anything from your laptop to your lunch, carrying your needs with distinction.

Pink power suits ruled the runway and red carpet in 2020, and they certainly can rule the boardroom in 2021. Whether a light blush or a deeper fuschia like mine (Touchdolls), pink suits are a stunning work look that shows major confidence and the power of femininity for those office days that you can wear something on the playful side. Make sure that you are wearing a silhouette that truly flatters and is structured, as you do not want to look like a hot pink mess!

Tackle the jungle that is the workplace in this safari-esque suit (Nichole Lynel) featured above. The suit is equally as powerful as the pink suit but less bold color-wise making it a great choice for more conservative meetings/events. The cinched waist provides structure, while finishes like a red bag and gold earrings make this a go-to for any big day making this a perfect work slay.

A classic that always attracts many compliments, is the above trumpeted silhouette black dress (ASOS). This staple is the best for any event, as seen in the Haute Living function above, to bring a sense of elegance to any situation. In the words of Chanel icon Karl Lagerfeld, ''One is never over or under dressed with a little black dress.''

Coincidentally, I matched this art piece at the Art Basel event that my firm hosted last year in my tribal printed Rent the Runway dress. For work events that are more creative in nature, it is always good to kick it up a notch and take a little artistic license with your fashion. A tribal print dress in a sharp silhouette like the above not only gave me extra panache on the big day, but was a great conversation piece as the item was unique to the crowd.

Double the slay with my partner in fashion and finance and co-worker Karolyn. In effortless femininity, Karolyn paired her pleated accordion style blush midi skirt with a strong shouldered cream blouse, making for a lovely look for any work day. I rocked a unique white peplum style blazer (Touchdolls) with a gold knee length dress (Touchdolls) for extra pizzazz. The blazer also works with almost anything, from a white bottom for a monochromatic suit look to just about any color dress or skirt underneath.

Another event favorite is the above teal velvet kimono sleeved catch from ASOS (clearly a go to store for me!). Walking into my event. I felt like a boss in the luxurious texture, color, and cut of this number. Deep jewel tones in rich cuts and colors are a great way to command any room in true style.

The above cape sleeved number has taken me to many a happy hour and Junior League meeting after work. A special feature like the cape style always adds flourish to an otherwise simple dress. While we ultimately want to be know for our work, adding bold yet simple style choices demonstrate confidence and personality simply by entering the room. The best part of this ensemble is that it came conveniently and inexpensively via Amazon, a surprising yet often reliable source for getting a new look in a dash.

Regardless of what your personal style is, it is key to own it and put your best foot forward at work. Confidence and compliments are sure to flow should you go with any of the chic ''Styled by Svec'' looks served above. With your innate talent and work smarts, mixed with a flawless style, you will be unstoppable this year at the office.

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