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Flapper Girl in a Gatsby World

Gold decadent candelabras filled with extravagant white ostrich plumes at the center of each table amplified the Gatsby themed "Women Who Make a Difference" Junior League affair. Key Biscayne's Rusty Pelican transformed into an evening out of the swanky roaring 20's, a sea of fringe, sequins, feathers, and other rich relics of the era setting the scene. The Going Gatsby motif is prevalent in fashion to this day, and a prominent theme of choice for events like galas, corporate events, and parties. Having go to 20's inspired wardrobe pieces is a fun essential for times when you want to show your Gatsby best off. My ASOS feather gown was a hit, it's sparkling ostrich feathers and silver diamond shaped sequins exuding the bold style of a Harlem Renaissance starlet.

For a black tie 20's themed function, feather trimmed, fringe, and beaded gowns hallmark the signature style of the time. Accessories like diamond studded headpieces and elegant gloves are ways to insert extra glam into your Gatsby appeal. The below dresses each exude subtle and bold fashions reminiscent of the 1920's that will have you feeling your Gatsby best.

When it comes to a 20's cocktail party or going out look, the flapper look is the way to go. The flapper culture contrasted strict Victorian ideals, becoming the symbol for liberated young women who went against the norm. I embraced the unfettered flapper identity and look, my dress standing out among some of the more conservative choices at the League. Sequins and fringe with shorter hemlines like the dresses below define flapper style for the modern woman graced with confidence.

Embracing the spirit of the roaring 20's in decor and wardrobe celebrates a whimsical time in history, a golden era of exploration, independence, and adventure in splendid style.1920's icons like Josephine Baker, Coco Chanel, and Louise Brooks were at the heart of the fashion revolution, influencing the masses as women who made a difference.

In the words of Great Gatsby mastermind F. Scott Fitzgerald, "It's never too late to be whoever you want to be."

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