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Furred Up & Fabulous: A Guide to Shopping Fur Jackets this Cyber Monday & Holiday Season

‘’She doesn’t wear fur because she is cold, she wears fur because she is glamorous.'’ -Ken Downing, Senior VP & Fashion Director of Neiman Marcus.

When the temperature starts to drop, one thing a woman can look forward to amidst the hassle of the cold is donning a fabulous fur jacket to heat up the scene. Once upon a time, fur was only for the upper class, symbolizing aristocracy and social status. Nowadays, luxury is at our hands much more accessibly through the creation of faux fur, which hit the fashion scene in the early to mid 1900's.

In relation to the business of fashion catering to the growing fur trend, one expert told the Times in 1924, ''Whenever a fur becomes fashionable, the trade hunts for a substitute because the girl in Sixth Avenue wants to look more like the fashionable woman on Fifth, and we must help her find a way.'', cites the Smithsonian Magazine. By the mid 1900's, mink, beaver, chinchilla, seal, raccoon, pony, ermine, and giraffe were being replicated by fake furriers.

One of my favorite fur fashion moments, seen above, was my light gray ostrich feather jacket worn at the Louvre in Paris, paired with leather lace up pants for an edge. The jacket, along with other fur jackets and items like vests and shrugs, have been a versatile necessity to my fall/winter wardrobe, accompanying me at high end events like galas, to nights out with friends.

With Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales circulating, what better time to take advantage and add a serious fashion staple to your wardrobe?

Shown below are a few of my favorite fur jackets, including plus size options for all to slay throughout the holiday season.

A similar comp for my gray jacket, shown above is an ASOS steal, having gone from $447 to $190.

The above Deora Dusty Rose Feather Jacket, on sale for $192, is the ultimate femme piece, adding a touch of diva to your day. This beauty comes in a host of other colors. like gray, baby pink, and navy blue.

Next up, the above Arctic Fox Shawl Collar Faux Fur Jacket, in both Arctic Fox and Red Fox from Neiman Marcus, at $349, is the ultimate chic fur treasure reminiscent of Old Hollywood glamour icons like Joan Crawford and Diana Ross.

This What Jordy Wore fur, the Aspen Vegan Coat, on sale for $198, serves major posh, Upper East Side Princess vibes that will add instant elegance to your coat collection and closet.


As far as curvy fashionistas who want to lay their hands on a new fur, the above Bloomingdale’s Plus Size Delish Faux Fur Jacket is a fierce staple to be dressed up or dressed down depending on your occasion, on sale at $279.30 until December 1st.

Another fur find for all sizes is the BNB Heaven Winter Faux Fur Vest at $114.95, ranging in a sophisticated palette with colors like burgundy, black, white, gray and pink, to sizes XS-4XL.

Whether you go for colored fur, an iconic neutral, or simply a classic jacket with fur collar accents, you can’t go wrong with a timeless fur jacket to make an entrance while keeping you warm. Happy Shopping!

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