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Good Vibes Only: Pharrell & Grutman's Newest Hit, The Goodtime Hotel

After 5 years in the making, music mogul Pharrell and Groot Hospitality maven David Grutman, below, debuted their latest gem The Goodtime Hotel on April 15th this year. Located on South Beach's Washington Avenue, the 266 room franchise elicits a whimsical vibe through the Art Deco aesthetic embedded in the massive 100,000 square foot property which spans the full block.

“We want The Goodtime Hotel to impart a feeling of both revitalization and that rare, exciting thrill that takes over when you discover something special,” says Pharrell Williams in a recent press release. This place will provide a natural good time, for all who come through.”

The duo's first collab, the trendy Swan Restaurant in the Design District, above, was only the beginning of the creative heights of success from the two masterminds. Both Swan and the Goodtime Hotel evoke old Hollywood glamour, when Miami was the playground for vintage stars like Frank Sinatra and Elizabeth Taylor.

Bubble gum pink hues and nostalgic luxury surround the Goodtime Hotel, from the retro style suites to pink rotary telephones and vintage robes. A grandiose atrium entryway, leading to grand hand painted murals and retro leopard print accents conjure up a rich yet playful atmosphere.

Hotel guests and party goers alike bask in the sprawling 30,000 square foot pool club and restaurant Strawberry Moon. Covered in candy colored cabanas reminiscent of Havana and Alcapulco, the sunny sensation is an homage to retro holiday spots and vintage beachy glam. International music festival vibes take over the serene pool scene on the weekends, making it the definite "it" hit of the season.

I soaked up the swanky sunlit ambience as I made my way through the Saturday Strawberry Moon crowd, basking in both the sun and the scene in my monochromatic pool party look. Pulsing music and an energetic crowd generate the vibrant joyful aura that draws travelers from all over the world to the Magic City. Whether you are visiting for a weekend, or are a native of the sunshine state, the Goodtime Hotel should be on your radar this season if you are seeking everything from leisure and luxury to a good time.

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