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Home for the Holidays: Stocking Stuffers from Emerging Female Businesses

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

While Covid has plagued the nation as a whole, it has also spurred entrepreneurial innovation for many women. “Starting a business is hard and it’s expensive but it pays off in the end. In the first year or two of starting your business, you may not see a lot of profits but that’s ok because in the long run, if you stick with it and don't give up you're going to get it.”, says Lena Kinney, CEO and founder of Floods of Flora. Whether a new business idea that arose from a bout of unemployment, or a passion amplified by having more time at home, it is evident that women are taking their destiny into their own hands as boss of their own brand. Not only are these women battling the everyday struggles of the Covid era, they are also taking on roles of CEO, Marketing, CFO and more as they expand their businesses.

Support emerging female businesses this holiday season and delve into the below brands!

Beginning with a love for flowers and a dash of creativity, Floods of Flora arose from rose water spray initially, branching on to other flowers like lavender and eucalyptus. "Everything has 5 ingredients at the max, I do alot of research to make sure that I'm putting the best products out there. Everything is made in my kitchen, so there's alot of love and care that goes into each item."

In today’s climate of caution in relation to Coronavirus, Floods of Flora has the perfect product-a $7 hand sanitizer made with real aloe vera plants, 70 % isopropyl alcohol, geranium oil, lavender oil,and jojoba oil that will leave you purified, moisturized, and smelling better than before you tried it. Many of Lena's products have healing powers. "Like our body butter, I looked up all oils that would help with issues like eczema and redness, and dry skin, especially during these winter months. I know personally that I need something thicker, so I like to put myself in the shoes of the consumer when I'm making my products.", says Lena, featured above. Sky is the limit for Floods of Flora, as they drop the Golden Rose collection next week, and can be found in stores Hippie and French as well as Thrive on Health in Pittsburgh, and of course, online.

Similar to Floods of Flora, Ballpoint Bouquets by Beverly Thomas uses flower power to brighten her consumer’s spaces. Ballpoint Bouquets are equal parts beauty and practicality; they not only serve as the perfect centerpiece, they are super useful doubly as pens. From firsthand experience, I can say that these pieces have been a lifesaver while working at home. It’s an all too common scenario-you’re on a work call, frantic because you need a pen to jot something down, and boom-reach no further than the Ballpoint Bouquet by Bev. The floral variety and creativity is abundant; each bouquet features an array of flowers in all shades and combos. Most notably purchased by Emmy nominated rapper Lil Uzi, these ballpoint bouquets are perfect additions to your home, office, or for that of a loved one this season, and can found on IG @ballpointbouquets.

Taking care of your health is more important now than ever, and what better way to show someone you care than the gift of fitness! Isoken Emokpae, owner of SlayIsoFit has a major track record of transforming women into the best versions of themselves. “It’s important to stay as active as you can, especially during these times that we’re in. Fitness is a lifestyle. Start to make fitness a part of your daily routine to promote good health and a sexy bod.”, says Isoken.

As a NASM certified personal trainer with a degree in Kinesiology, she carefully curates the right fitness program and meal plan for each individual client, keeping their needs and goals at the forefront. As a client of Isoken’s who has personally gotten #slayisofit, I can say that she not only gives you the tools, she gives you the extra push and accountability to get there.

Ari Thing Fit has all the fitness and self care tools needed to stay active and get in shape this season, down to diet and fitness guides, as well as beauty products. Owner Sandra Hurd, featured above, is the epitome of a businesswoman, working with numbers by day in accounting and getting her Master’s in Business by night, while also producing high quality fabric resistance bands, signature thermal waist trimmer, dual sided core sliders, and an Ari Thing Fit 30 Day ebook guide. “Even the slightest change to your diet and fitness routine can produce amazing results. The Ari Thing Fit 30 Day ebook guide is a great way to start reaching your New Year fitness goals. See results in just 30 days!”, says the Ari Thing Fit CEO. Ari Thing Fit is kicking the new year off with a launch of body butter, body scrub, lip scrub, and a body oil, aimed to leave that skin glowing and soft amidst the winter air.

The fashionistas in your life will appreciate any number of the pieces, including the fab fur featured above, from Alexandra Ngo Boutique. Each piece has its own unique edge, giving them a high quality finish for a price that won’t break the bank. Compliments were abundant when I wore an Alexandra Ngo swimsuit set and cover up, a feminine piece that has “slayed” me from the beaches of the Northeast to the beaches of Miami. Behind the brand is Hannah Ngo, above, who doesn’t cease to impress, from opening up a storefront on South Street in Philadelphia, to getting her Masters in her early twenties. Hannah has taken extra measures to not only be a pillar in fashion, but a pillar in the community as well, offering Wifi to students at her store in a time where Wifi is necessary for education, but not always available to the less privileged.

Bask in the scent of luxury and warmth this season with Decor by Dri. Not only is CEO and founder Alexandria or Dri, enhancing homes with her decor, she is a Fortune 500 Finance Professional by day as well. With an array of home decor and fragrance items like hand poured luxury scented candles, to fragrance room sprays, and a variety of wax melts, the brand brings positive vibes and scents to the home, the source of good energy. From high fragrance percentages in coconut and apricot waxes that yield rich fragrances when lit, to vegan and ethically friendly non toxic wooden wicks, Decor by Dri takes extra measures to deliver special touches that are good for the soul.

Celebrate the innate entrepreneurial spirit of women in business this season and show love to your loved ones with a gift from an emerging female business owner. Something is to be said of those like the above featured women, who show us the creativity and perseverance needed to succeed as a business in the pandemic.

Thank you to all that showed love to Fashionista in Finance this year! Can’t wait for all the content to come in 2021.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy New Year. Stay blessed and stay tuned!

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