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Howdy Houston! A Western Style Showdown

Deeply woven into the fabric of America, Western style has influenced culture for centuries. Renown for NASA and rodeos, Houston Texas is home to the Western fashion trends that prevail today, like denim, fringe, and cowboy boots. The Wild West was alive and well as I hit the Texan scene in embellished denim on denim. A once ordinary denim jacket transformed a rustic piece to a royal one laden with gold Fleur-de-lis, matching metallic trim, and Swarovski pearls for a "Balmain meets Brokeback Mountain" cowboy couture.

To avoid a dated denim look, incorporate texture or embellishment into a double dose of denim. The birthday girl of the Texas trip, Isoken, donned a Missguided fringe patterned jacket and jeans that defined modernized Western fashion to the T. Finding the right fit and silhouette of double denim is key to avoid a frumpy or costume effect.

Western fashion has come along way, impacting our grandparent's generation during Elvis' era, again throughout the 90's and 10's, as well as the more recent "Old Town Road" in 2019. Lil Nas X brought a whole new aesthetic to the cowboy image clad in fringe, sequins, and neon ensembles featured in the hit's music video. The look that cemented the artist in country fashion history was bubblegum pink Versace studded leather cowboy get up at the 2020 Grammy's.

Add a little shimmy to your step with a dose of fringe. The below After7 the label dress spurred me to dance the night away, heating up Houston in layers of burnt orange fringe.

Throughout my many finger licking Southern dining excursions, I saw to my delight many a Texan in cowboy boots. A feminine mini and cute cowboy boots serve country glamour on the runway and in the streets.

Houston's eclectic patchwork of a city reflects the intrigue inherent to the spirit of Western style. Remnants of old architecture interwoven with flaring skyscrapers make for a unique aesthetic that casts over the city. Texan or not, denim, fringe, and cowboy boots will have you looking like "cowboy couture" in no time!

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