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Luxury State of Mind

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Lines of mask clad fashionistas were already formed when the Louis Vuitton travelling exhibit, curated by creative director Virgil Abloh, opened for the day. Fashion is not dying during the pandemic, it is merely shifting the way we experience it, as evidenced by the exhibit.

The anticipation of seeing what the social media buzz was about was high among the crowd, donned in everything from Burberry printed sundresses to sporty track suits.

While Fashion Week Paris was digital this year, Louis Vuitton mastermind Virgil Abloh's Men's 2021 Collection introduced ''Adventures of Zoooom with Friends'', a “virtual and literal voyage across the world that presents his new collection called MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE.”

The traveling exhibit brings fantasy to ''The Magic City'' with larger than life balloon characters, an array of bright Skittle colored patterns, and huge red LV containers and sculptures that represent the shipping containers distributed by Louis Vuitton all across the world.

The fashion house paired with Giant Containers, an unconventional partner, to bring the vision to life, combining the luxury market together with the shipping world for a brilliant artistic experience.

The whimsical visuals of the exhibit are matched with the retail component, as naturally, retail sales are what drives any brand. Window displays inside the large LV containers displayed the Men's 2021 collection, with dressing rooms and sales associates on deck, making it functional as well as Instagram worthy.

The exhibit was a fabulously inclusive way to bring together those who want to simply experience the art for free, and also a great avenue for those ready to shop in a unique concept. The creative phenom will be heading to Atlanta, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Mexico City after it wraps up in the Miami Design District January 25th.

In the crazy era of Covid, I couldn't help but wonder what is the current state of luxury during the Pandemic? Are people adding to their luxury collections or are they departing with their cherished favorites?

Online retail sales rose over the past nine months, thanks to some major virtual retail therapy of the younger demographic, according to the Robb Report. ''Those in their 20s comprised 7.8 percent of luxury shoppers and those in their 30s a substantial 21.4 percent.''

This statistic goes hand in hand with what I witnessed at the Louis Vuitton exhibit: teems of mostly younger adults hungry to devour fashion. I personally know of millennials who made some of their first luxury purchases during the Covid era, either from the brand's online website itself, or from second hand luxury gurus like Tradesy, Real Real, and Poshmark.

Poshmark, the online experience that allows consumers to buy and sell luxury goods virtually, had an exceptional year with revenue that jumped 28% to $192.7 million in the first three quarters of 2020 according to bizwomen. Many, whether living alone and dealing with isolation, or stressed from living with family, are taking comfort in indulging in a little luxury during this time.

Whether experiencing fashion and art in person through unique concepts like the Louis Vuitton exhibit, via the internet, or whatever you define as luxury, bask in whatever form makes you happy. Luxury is, after all, a state of mind.

*Photos included from: Louis Vuitton

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