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Sexy Fish: Deep Dive into Miami’s Latest It Spot

Immersed in surreal décor of the sea, Sexy Fish, Miami takes guests on an opulent culinary deep dive of the Oceans of Asia. The latest emission from London restauranteur Richard Caring, below, who owns the majority of London’s most fashionable restaurants, Sexy Fish, Miami boasts a whopping $20 million in art.

Masterminds like award winning Martin Brudnizki Studio, renown British artist Damien Hirst, and celebrated architect and designer Frank Gehry’s work comes together in a montage of sea themed luxury. 10-foot tall mermaids sculptures, floating fish along with accompanying lamps, a 23-foot octopus hanging from a gold ceiling, and a 21-foot long fish tank occupy the space majestically.

A decadent portal to a modern day Atlantis, the 10,000 foot square space’s enchantment extends to the exterior, with an illustrious garden and Koi pond.

“The garden is very special. It will be beautiful but not in a Disney way, because it’s real,” says Caring of his masterpiece.

When it comes to the cuisine, chef Bjoern Weissberger’s curation of high-end seafood dishes like black cod, king crab, and the Sexy Gold Fish & Crispy Caviar satiate the finest of palettes. In addition to marinated gold-flake sea bass served on caviar and other lavish fruits of the sea, Sexy Fish’s festive oceanic themed cocktails, mermaid dancers, and renowned DJs engage for a full experience of the senses.

Officially debuting earlier this month, Sexy Fish first premiered exclusively in December to an elite crowd with a performance by the legendary Mary J. Blige.

The staff’s luxurious Versace Spring 2021 collection uniforms, below, further elevate the ornate style and feel of the restaurant.

Between grandiose remnants of an Asian underwater empire, to a star studded crowd and savory seafood menu, Sexy Fish reign’s as Miami’s latest “it” spot.

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