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Shining a Spotlight on Haiti: In the Studio with Lajan Slim

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

From The Fader to XXL and now Fashionista in Finance, Haitian sensation Lajan Slim has drawn widespread media attention ever since breakout single “Haitians” hit the airwaves in 2016. The song not only put him on the mainstream map, it became an anthem for Haiti, shining a spotlight on the culture. I had the privilege to interview Lajan Slim at his studio in Lauderhill, just north of Miami to get firsthand insight on everything from his music, to fashion, and cultural influences.

How would you say your culture has influenced your music?

The love and compassion, the wisdom, the fruits of my labor. Learning to be humble. Just my moral compass, it allowed me to not drift off to what’s going on in the world. It’s my home away from home. Allowed me to be myself at all times. I’m comfortable in my own skin and comfortable in my faith.

What piece of work are you most proud of and why?

Just the fact that I am working and being appreciated for my work. My career itself.

How has your life changed since your hit “Haitians''?

I went from having a dream to a local sensation to worldwide people knowing my name. Everybody cheering the name ‘’Lajan’’.

You say “Haitian boy swag off the meter’’ in “Haitians” how would you describe your style fashion wise and style influences?

I don’t fit the mold of “I have to wear designer and stuff”, I wear what I wanna wear. A lot of times growing up Haitians aren’t fortunate enough to buy the top of the line brands so I learned to be comfortable in whatever I have on. I wear typical stuff you see normal Haitian boys wearing and stuff like that growing up but I make it more fashionable. Soccer jerseys, fitted jeans, not saggy, button ups, I dress clean, clean cut.

What are misconceptions people have about you?

They think I’m 19. They think I am a kid.

How old are you really?

I’m 30.

Who would you collab with?

Drake. I like Drake. He’s one of the hottest in the game. He didn’t come from the old school vibes, it's organic, it's original. I’m competitive. I like to showcase what I got why not do it with one of the best in the game.

Would you ever do a collab with South Florida stars like Pitbull, Trina, City Girls? I think City girls and Lajan would be dope.

I definitely think Lajan and City Girls' collaboration would be dope. I think City Girls have moved to the top of my list, like top 5. I definitely love Pitbull. I watched his growth. I’m originally from Miami so I got to watch him and a lot of the Miami artists come up, like Ross, Trina all of them legends really Trick Daddy….any Miami legend I’d be happy to work with.

What can we watch out for next from Lajan Slim?

I’m kind of indecisive. I’m thinking should I drop a project before year end like a little EP or a video or something I have a new song out I might just put the rest of my energy into that until the year rounds out. Got a lot of music, a lot of content.

Following my interview with Lajan Slim, I explored Little Haiti and the many murals that add beauty to the cultural hub. The art celebrates the people and their strength, the same strength that lead them to be the first black nation to liberate themselves from slavery. Shining a spotlight on Haitian creativity is important, as the media does not always focus on the inherent beauty that is Haiti. With Haitians like Lajan Slim putting his culture on the map, it is safe to say that Haitians are doing big things to shine a much deserved spotlight on the country and its people. While most visit Miami for the glitz and the glam of places like South Beach, Little Haiti deserves to be at the top of the list for those who want to truly explore the city.

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