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Updated: Jan 16, 2021

The price of being a “fashionista” sometimes comes with consequences, such as, judgement, negative attention, and misconceptions. The benefits of self-expression, escapism, confidence, and vivid creativity that comes with loving fashion far outweigh the costs.

“You should be in fashion not finance”.

This is a remark I have heard in my career, both to my face and behind my back. Can’t I be a fashionista in finance? To quote the fabulous, brilliant, and grossly underestimated Elle Woods of Legally Blonde, ”What, like it's hard?”. Why are we pigeonholed into one lane? Why can’t women have other creative talents, passions, and interests while simultaneously maintaining integrity and success in any field, from law to medicine to finance?

I have always stood out from the crowd. Being a caramel kid with big curly hair in a sea of all white peers, let’s say I didn’t exactly fit in. I developed a sense of non-conformity early on, which I expressed through my outfits and style that I would plan out religiously. From refusing to wear nothing but tutus and tiaras to the store in my early years, to later (regrettably) DIYing fabric painted denim, donning Lizzie Mcguire ponchos, and matching page boy caps, I certainly knew how to make my mark. Why try to fit in if you already stand out has always been my mantra. I created my own universe and aesthetic which allowed me to not only survive, but to dream.

“To reach the American dream, you have to see it”.

I had visions early on of grandeur and glamour I wanted to achieve as an adult. Envisioning sky high heels, exquisite suits, gowns, fur, and dwelling in a dream city and leaving my suburb was all in my grasp. It all started with seeing it to believe it. I ravished and consumed fashion in any way I could, and it became my super power, allowing me to be whatever I wanted to convey with strength and pride. As a teen, I had fallen in love with the mega luxurious Palace of Versailles after watching Marie Antoinette with Kirsten Dunst. Being able to view Versailles as an adult, led me to draw inspiration from the world around me and made me realize how truly beautiful life can be.

Fashion was my first friend and it never turned its back on me. It has been with me from my childhood through my teen years, where I began leading the Fashion Board at Nordstrom in high school, and then upgraded to styling at Nordstrom in college. I then created a makeover column in my college paper in which I would deliver style transformations to students. Present day, I still I continue to enjoy styling friend’s outfits, helping to bring the best out in them. Whether it’s the ability to convey an entire mood through your style, or branching into finance with a creative journalism background, we all innately possess the power to transform into whatever we want to be.

Everything and everyone has a story, every story possesses beauty, and Fashionista in Finance is a forum celebrating the pursuit of creative passions, regardless of your 9 to 5. From sharing my journey into customizing clothing, to shining platforms on women who created businesses during Quarantine, and showcasing beauty in non-traditional spaces, Fashionista in Finance explores the depths of innovation and expression. Remember- every day is a chance to start a new, to redefine and take control of our identity, our legacy, and ultimately our future.

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