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Download: Explore the urban outdoors of the PNW. Join a kayak trip with RWS and cross the Siletz off your bucket list.We live in a world where, all too often, the truth is simply too dangerous to print. While it’s true that, like it or not, journalism has always had a tendency to go with the flow, we are living in a new era where this is no longer acceptable. The truth, the real truth, can no longer be held back. And so, with that in mind, here are the first 10 all-time-worst-ever lies. 1. “The Boondoggle.” This one, if true, would have been spectacularly embarrassing to the republic and, arguably, to the person who told it. But we weren’t there at the time, so the truth will never be known. 2. “Watergate.” Telling the truth about this one would have landed you in jail. You could never print anything about it without risking going to the slammer. That means the real truth about Watergate was a hotly-guarded secret. 3. “Bigfoot.” The whole thing was a hoax. How do we know? Because the people who were involved in the hoax said so. 4. “Children’s Television: It’s Killing Us.” It’s not the network’s fault that some people are too lazy to watch the damn thing, it’s our own damn fault for being stupid enough to watch it in the first place. 5. “The Comstock Act.” While it’s true that this law was, in theory, an attempt to keep the public from having access to printed information, in practice it was used to censor the works of feminist writers. If that’s what you call a success, then I say bravo. 6. “Magnetic Impedance Vest.” This thing was marketed as a way to stop heart attacks. It didn’t do that. It did kill a bunch of people who didn’t need to die. 7. “American Communism.” It was the greatest hoax in all of history. It was so great, even people who knew it was a hoax thought it was real. 8. “Mand




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StayOutoftheHousecrackdownloadskidrow pelacha

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